What is TT Supper Club?

What if you could enjoy a luxurious dinner out, with 8 courses of local and seasonal food served in creative combinations and platings? What if you could support local southeast Michigan charities while you were at it? And what if all of this came at the same price you'd pay for dinner on Main Street?

TT Supper Club is an occasional underground dining experience in Ann Arbor, MI. If you enjoy fine food and interesting company, join my mailing list and I'll email you the details on these exclusive dinner events.

Each TT Supper Club meal is restricted to just 8 guests. The menu is created just days before the dinner and reflects what's freshest and most enticing at the Farmer's Market that week, as well as guests' preferences and food restrictions. Meals are BYOB, but the menus are designed to be wine-friendly and wine pairing recommendations are available.

The mission of TT Supper Club is to support local charities and organizations as well as local farmers and merchants. To that end, I use locally grown and rasied products wherever possible, and shop at locally-owned stores. Most meals benefit local organizations that are doing interesting things in Ann Arbor and environs. Past TT Supper Club dinners have supported Food Gatherers, Growing Hope and Preserving Traditions here in Ann Arbor, and Earthworks Urban Farm and Field of our Dreams in Detroit, to name just a few. Occasionally, meals will not have an associated charity and proceeds will be used to support the continuation of TT Supper Club.

Charity meals are cooked and served by volunteers, with all proceeds beyond the cost of food being donated directly to the benefit organization. Your hostess and head chef, Tammy, is an experienced and accomplished cook with a passion for creating beauty on the plate and fantastic flavor in your mouth.

I look forward to cooking for you!