Monday, March 14, 2011

April 2 Dinner for Edible Avalon

I'm now accepting reservations for the next TT Supper Club dinner, to be held April 2, 2011. It will raise funds to benefit Edible Avalon, the community garden project of Avalon Housing:

Imagine a food garden at every urban apartment building, bursting with fresh organic vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers grown by the tenants, providing food, a meeting place, and opportunities for personal growth and community-building.

Imagine Edible Avalon! We are a unique community garden program for residents of Avalon Housing and their neighbors. Avalon Housing is the largest provider of permanent, supportive rental housing for residents with extremely low incomes in Washtenaw County. Access to fresh, nutritious food is limited.

Edible Avalon builds raised bed organic gardens, provides seeds and tools, and helps residents plan and plant their gardens. What makes the program unique is that this beginning is followed by ongoing weekly visits from dedicated volunteers who share organic gardening expertise, monitor the garden’s health, distribute and collect recipes, and organize classes on methods of preparing, cooking, and preserving the harvest.

Early spring can be even harder than deep winter for local, seasonal eating, as new shoots are just starting to push through the earth and winter storage vegetables have long been eaten. But as usual, I'll look to use as many local ingredients as possible in crafting the menu.

A minimum donation of $75 is requested per person. All proceeds beyond cost of food go directly to Edible Avalon and will be tax-deductible (estimated donation portion is $50).

If you'd like to reserve one of the spaces at the April 2 dinner, please email me with your food restrictions and preferences.

PS - Please help spread the word about TT Supper Club by forwarding this link to friends who are interested in supporting our community while eating well!

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