Friday, February 4, 2011

TT Supper Club #15

Special thanks to Kitchen Chick who was not only my tireless assistant who rolled over a dozen spring rolls and made hundreds of egg yolk drops, but also took some fantastic pictures of the plates we put out!

Potato kale soup with chorizo oil (ancho chile oil for the vegetarians)

Roasted golden beet and blood orange salad with sherry vinaigrette

From the Alinea Cookbook: egg yolk drops, asparagus, meyer lemon, black pepper

Citrus-marinated and oil poached salmon with watercress coulis and orange confit

For our three non-fish eaters, a spicy orange tofu in place of the salmon. This is one of the most delicious tofu preps I've ever tried! Highly recommended!

Duck Duo - marinated and seared breast, duck confit spring rolls, cherry sauce, and roasted baby bok choy.

For our vegetarians, seitan nuggets in the same marinade as the duck, and shiitake mushroom spring rolls.

Assorted cheeses with garnishes, including Kitchen Chick's cherry preserves.

Cream of walnut soup.

Meyer lemon custard tarts with chocolate creme chiboust and earl grey gel - exterior view.

Interior cutaway shot of the tart.

Save the date - next TT Supper Club dinner will be March 19! Benefit organization TBA - let me know if you have a food related charity or organization you'd like to see TT Supper Club partner with.