Sunday, January 9, 2011

TT Supper Club #15 - January 29, 2011

January is a hard month to cook seasonally and locally here in Michigan. So this next TT Supper Club meal will feature what foods are available - like hoophouse greens from Deertracks Farm, and duck from Back Forty Acres - but will also embrace some seasonal foods that aren't so local. Specifically, I'm talking about citrus! I was amazed at the huge breadth of citrus varieties that are flooding into the stores right now, so I'm looking forward to playing with them in this TT Supper Club meal.

My tentative menu thoughts include:

Swiss Chard Timbales
Citrus Marinated Salmon with Confit of Navel Oranges
Trio of Duck with Vietnamese Flavors
Meyer Lemon Tarts with Chocolate Creme Chiboust and Earl Grey Fluid Gel

As always, final menu decisions for this 8 course tasting menu will be made based on product availability and diner food restrictions/allergies. If you'd like to reserve one or more spaces at the January 29 dinner, please email me with your food restrictions and preferences. A minimum donation of $55 is requested per person. For more information about TT Supper Club, check out the blog posts below, or read the "What is TT Supper Club?" page.